thule vector review

In this article, we will do a the Thule Vector review , the latest roof box from the Thule, the giant Swedish transport gear maker, it comes with many new features, and an improved design.

Thule vector review

What did we test?

To get the most accurate result, we review a roof box in the following areas:

  • The overall design of the roof box
    • Shape: redesigned read to give more hatch clearance, 
    • Colors: glossy metallic black / titan matte
  • Structure: dual side opening, steel channels,  tubular steel channel, the base is reinforced, base box inside a box.
  • Cargo safety: tie down straps, anchor points.
  • Security and locking system.
  • Mounting difficulty: universal mounting clamps / knob will make a clock noise.Power Click Quick-Mount System
  • Ease of use: handle, one hand opening, led lights with motion sensors.

These metrics are not the official metrics of the manufacturers, but this is a review from a consumer perspective, and it must be as authentic as possible.

Our final verdict

This roof box is expensive, in fact it is most expansive than most of the roof cargo boxes on the market, but its features like the internal lighting and the advanced locking system are very helpful, many people (me included), prefers to pay a little more to have peace of mind in term of luggage security while traveling. The economy of fuel in the long run is also an additional benefit of this roof box.



The Thule Vector roof cargo box looks like a sports car, this unique design is similar to the other Thule boxes like the Motion and the Force, there are many benefits of this design, it allows the air to pass around the structure of the box with minimal resistance, a low air resistance is beneficial on the long run, a lower fuel consumption is always a good thing. The back of this roof box gives more hatch clearance which improves its compatibility with more vehicles. The shape of the Thule Vector does also reduce the noise generated at high speeds.
Thule vector front side
Thule vector front side


Thule Vector is available in two colors, a glossy metallic black finish and a titan matte, the choice depends on the colors of your car and it is really your personal choice, no worries, both of them look great. Inside, the color is white to increase the lighting emitted by the included LED lamps.


The structure of this box is reinforced, the lid uses a clamshell structure to be more sturdy and durable. In addition to the enforcement of the lid, the base of the Vector uses a unique design, it’s like a double structure, a base within a base. A number of tubular steel channels goes along the base from the front to the back, these channels gives the box the ability to carry more weight. The dual opening (driver and passenger sides) is available in the Vector (check the ease of use section for more infos).
thule vector base steel channels
thule vector base steel channels

Cargo safety

In the base of the Thule Vector, you will find several anchor points, each one is connected to the steel channels on each side of the box, you can connect the tie down straps to these anchor points to keep the cargo from moving when the car is turning or accelerating.


Security is a crucial part of any roof box, you don’t want to go to a hotel to sleep, while your luggage is not properly secured against any unwanted hands.

The Thule Vector has a locking system that is far more advanced than the other roof boxes on the market, it is comprised of two parts.

  •  A one key cylinder where you need to insert the key and unlock the system first, and you cannot remove the key again until the roof box is completely secured again.
  • A release slide mechanism, you need to move this slide to unlock the box, there is a red indicator that tells you when the box is still open.
Thule Vector Security system
Thule Vector Security system

Thule Vector installation difficulty

Mounting the Thule Vector is easy, all you need to do is to put it on the roof of your vehicle, and then you can use the universal mounting clamps to lock the roof box with the cross bars. You don’t need to have cross bars with a specific measurement to mount this box, the mounting clamps can slide to match any cross bar. Once the brackets are in place, you need to turn the knob following the instruction written on it until you hear a clicking sound, this sound indicates that the clamps are locked.
Thule vector universal mounting brackets
Thule vector universal mounting brackets

Ease of Use

There are many features that make it easy to handle this roof box, like the included handle that allows you to open it with one hand without touching its glossy finish. Thule Vector has a dual opening system, you can load and unload your luggage from each side, this system also helps with the mounting process, if you can’t reach the mounting claps from one side you can easily do it from the other. 2 LED lamps are included, in combination with the white paint in the inside of the cargo box, you can use it even at night without any problems.

Thule vector m vs alpine

What is the difference between Thule Vector and Thule Alpine? Both versions are similar, but the main difference is that the Thule Alpine has a lower profile and it can carry longer Skis and snowboards, if you had the choice, it is better to have the alpine version.

Thule Vector m and alpine comparison table

Thule vector m Thule alpine
External Dimensions 83.5 x 34.5 x 14 in 91 x 35 x 12.5 in
Weight 59.3 lb 65.9 lb
Load Capacity Skis (pairs) 3-5 4-6
Max Length of Skis 185cm 200cm
Load Capacity of Snowboards 3-4 3-5