Best Roof Box for ford fiesta

ford fiesta is, by far, the most popular Ford Vehicle. Its capabilities make it a great choice for traveling long distances.
But the problem with the ford fiesta is its limited cargo capacity.
To solve this problem, you can get a roof box to have the best traveling experience with your ford fiesta.
There are many choices on the market right now, but if you are looking for the best roof box for ford fiesta that will satisfy your needs.
For this reason, we reviewed and chose the best roof boxes for ford fiesta.

Name Max size Openings
Thule Motion XT 22 Cu Ft Dual side
INNO Shadow 13 Cu Ft Dual side
Yakima Skybox 21 Cu Ft Dual side
Thule Pulse 16 Cu Ft Passenger side

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Thule Motion XT ford fiesta roof box

For a ford fiesta, nothing will fit better than a Thule Motion XT roof cargo box.
This roof box is made from the ground up to provide protection and security for your cargo.
Thule Motion XT will increase the roof cargo capacity of your ford fiesta by an additional 165 lb.
Its design is optimized to get a lot of space and for an improved aerodynamic performance. But most importantly, Thule Motion XT is designed to be compatible with the majority of roof racks and crossbars on the market.
This is the best roof box for ford fiesta. Its PowerClick mounting systems allow for an easy mounting process, and a fast and secure fitting to the roof rack to have more security while on the road.
The included grip allows the user to open the lid even with gloves, closing and opening the lid in all weather conditions is a big plus for this roof box, one other reason to consider it as the best roof box for ford fiesta.
The slide-lock system of this cargo box comes with separate locking mechanisms, these will automatically lock the lid and prevent any unwanted hands from messing with it.

INNO Shadow ford fiesta roof box

INNO shadow best roof box subaru outback

INNO shadow rooftop cargo box is a premium choice that fits perfectly on a ford fiesta. it is innovative and at the same time, it has a proven cargo system that is the result of years of constant improvements.
INNO is a Japanese company created in 1966 by Takaaki Murata in order to build the best auto accessories.
This brand creates many accessories (in addition to roof cargo boxes). And they produce more than 60% of car accessories in Japan.
Inside this 13 cubic feet roof box, you can store different types of cargo. For example, you have either 6 snowboards or 2 surfing boards, and if you like skiing, you can have 8 skis that fit comfortably inside the INNO Shadow.
We recommend the INNO Shadow roof box for ford fiesta owners for its multiple features, great design, and its dual side opening system.
It is also compatible with a lot of crossbars thanks to a universal mounting system.
And its outer shell is composed of 3 sheets or mini layers that augment the durability and shock resistance of this ford fiesta roof box.
The front of the INNO shadow is made to have a minimum impact on the fuel consumption of your ford fiesta, a great thing in today’s economy.

Yakima SkyBox ford fiesta roof box

Before choosing a roof box for ford fiesta, you need to have the freedom of choice of the size that fits your needs.
You do not have to get a roof box that is too large and that will only add weight to the roof of your ford fiesta.
That’s why we chose to include the Yakima Skybox, it is available in five sizes: Lo, 12, 16, 18, and 21 cubic feet.
These different sizes offer good flexibility and freedom of choice to buy only the size that you need.

Yakima Skybox is a good choice if you are traveling with your family. you can carry multiple items, snowboards and skis, fishing tools, and various camping gear.
We also like the sleek design of this box, put it on a ford fiesta and it will look good. Its black color fits perfectly with the colors of the ford fiesta and all its variants.
In addition to all the previously mentioned features, Yakima Comes with a quick-release mounting system that adds the ability to fit just about any ford fiesta.
Security is important while traveling, and This Yakima cargo box does have a “SuperLatch” security system with the included SKS locks that give you peace of mind when you are sure that your cargo is protected while you are away from your car.
Yakima Skybox is also considered to be a great contender for the position as the best roof box for ford fiesta and the final choice depends on you.

Thule Pulse best Roof Box for ford fiesta

Some people consider durability as the most important thing to have in a roof box. If you are one of them, We advise you to get the Thule Pulse. This roof cargo box is extremely durable thanks to its ABS-based structure. The ABS structure can withstand all types of weather. It is also made to last for a long time, and this is the main reason why this roof box lasts for a long time. Your belongings are safe inside this box due to its waterproof design. The Thule Pulse roof box is easy to install thanks to the FastGrip mounting system. The box itself is safe due to its passenger side opening.
Thule pulse for subaru outback


We hope that you found the best roof box for ford fiesta that you are looking for, you can check our other articles, and if you have any questions, contact us.

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