best jeep grand cherokee roof rack

Roof racks are a great way to increase the cargo capacity of your SUV, but there are a huge number of them, what to choose? Are they durable? And how to choose the right one? Most people need to ask these questions before buying one, but if you don’t have enough time to do all that research, we have listed the best roof rack for jeep grand cherokee, these roof racks are the ones that we liked after reviewing a huge number of option that are available on the market right now, we tested their ease of use, durability, cost to value proposition, and we also tested they mounting difficulty on a jeep grand cherokee to get the most authentic results.
Brightlines jeep grand cherokee roof rack
CURT 18115 Universal Roof Rack

BRIGHTLINES Crossbars Roof Racks for 2011-2020 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Brightlines jeep grand cherokee roof rack

A high grade aluminum roof rack

The BRIGHTLINES roof racks are built using aluminum, is this important? Well, absolutely yes, aluminum is lighter, more durable and has a longer life span, mostly because of its corrosion resistance, we have a full article discussing the difference between aluminum and steel roof racks if you like to read it.

Lightweight but with a good weight capacity

This aluminum roof rack is capable of supporting a maximum weight of 150lbs, while its own weight is 9 pounds, this weight allows you to put more gear and items on the top of it before reaching the weight limit of the Jeep grand cherokee. But you should know that this weight capacity is only possible if you distribute the cargo weight evenly on the top of your roof rack.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Brightlines roof rack only fits on GROOVED SIDE RAILS, and it does not fit on any other model.
You will get an instruction guide (the instructions are not too clear) and a pair of cross bars and the mounting brackets needed.

Can hold a wide range of cargo

The bright lines roof rack allows you Jeep Grand Cherokee to carry a lot of things, from roof boxes to roof bags, and also snowboards and canoes, bike, fishing poles, and many more things and many more things.

No manual drilling required

Something that many Jeep Grand Cherokee owners forget is the possible added cost to install a roof rack on your vehicle, sometimes you need to pay a professional to modify your new roof rack or you roof rails, and what’s worse, these modifications can nullify you insurance contract, this can make the process of buying a new roof rack not worth the cost.

CURT 18115 Universal Roof Rack Cargo Carrier Rooftop Basket

If you couldn’t get the Brightlines roof rack for any reason, the next best thing for you Jeep Grand Cherokee is the CURT 18115 universal roof rack, we already did many tests on so many SUV (including the Jeep Grand Cherokee) in order to write reviews for them, and we recommend it as one of the best steel SUV roof racks.

Enhanced security level

The high walls (side rails) of the CURT 18115 gives it the ability to hold cargo in tight turn better than flat roof racks, and its steel rails are covered in a protective powder layer that protects it from water and corrosion and also protects the cargo from shocks that can happen a lot I when not traveling on paved roads.

Low noise

The optimized design of this SUV cargo basket, allows air to pass through it without making too much noise, the aerodynamic performance of this basket is also beneficial in long term fuel cost, some cheap roof rack will cost you nearly double the price because of the increased fuel charge, we should note that some noise was generated when we put kayaks on top of the CURT 18115 at high speed.

Easy to install and to use

This roof basket is a combination of two parts, and they are easy to assemble and also easy to mount, you don’t even need a guide to finish the mounting process in less than 20 minutes. If you have a bulky item that cannot fit inside a roof cargo box or a cargo bag, you can use a cargo net, there are mounting points available to attach it and remove it quickly and easily.

Fit perfectly on the roof of the Jeep Grand Cherokee

We tried this roof rack to see if it can fit on both a Toyota Tacoma and also on a Jeep Grand Cherokee, and it fits perfectly on both of them.

Durable but in some cases it’s not

The structure of the this CURT roof rack is engineered to be durable and resistant to shock and weather condition, that is why it is coated with that black power layer, but no one can change physics, steel will not react well with water, and if you remove a part of the protective layer, or even scratch it, corrosion can create weak points on the structure, and the bigger problem is the difficulty of discovering these weak points until you have some weight on the roof rack, so remember, don’t remove the protective coating.

Can be expanded

For long duration trip, the internal space and the basket itself might not be enough to carry everything that you will / might need, roof tents for good Jeep grand Cherokee are huge, and they need a lot of space, the same can be said if you like to have multiple bulky items to carry or just a large number of roof cargo bags.
This steel roof rack can be expanded from its original 11 square feet to a larger side of 17 square feet.

Hopefully now you have an idea about how to answer the question of what is the best roof rack for jeep grand cherokee, our favorite is the BRIGHTLINES roof rack due to its resistance to weather elements, but all the other options can be a great choice for you. Please consider sharing this article if you find it useful, and if you have some question about a specific car roof racks or roof cargo boxes, just contact us, and we will be happy to provide the right answer for you.