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What is the best thule roof box? we get this question many times on, The main reason for this is that Thule is one of the most famous roof cargo boxes manufacturers on the market right now.

And here it is, the complete extensive list of the full list of Thule roof boxes, our experts reviewed each one to judge its design, ease of use, cost etc…

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier best roof box
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Thule Motion XT
Thule Pulse - best thule cargo box
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Thule Pulse
Thule sidekick for toyota rav4
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Thule Sidekick
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    Thule Motion XT Cargo Box

    Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier best roof boxThule Motion XT is the first option in the list of the best thule roof cargo boxes, it comes with multiple features like:
    A new sleek and modern design.
    Aerodynamic structure that reduces air resistance and gas consumption and by result minimizes the overall cost of the roof box.
    Easy to access and be opened from both sides of the vehicle, this option makes the unloading of the box by multiple people faster.
    User friendly design that uses friendly and easy to use handles and supporting lid-lifters that makes the cargo box way easier to open and close.
    Available in multiple sizes, 16, 18 and 22 cf.
    One of the best roof top cargo boxes for carrying skis and snowboards, it can easily carry up to 7 pairs of skis or 6 snowboards, water skis, kayaks etc…
    A safety feature that indicates ( with a click sound ) when the roof box is closed properly, this eliminates the possibility of the box accidentale opening while you are driving.
    Thule motion XT comes with a one-key system that adds a good level of protection for cargo during your trips.
    Uses a quick-mounting system that gives a sound indication once the box is correctly installed on the roof rack.
    Compatible with a huge number of vehicles.
    For long trips and travels, this is a very affordable box taking into account the carrying capacity and the fuel economy.
    The carrying capacity of this roof cargo box gives the driver more free space inside the car, this free space can be used in many different ways, like carrying more passengers or luggage.
    High durability is one of the best features of the roof box.

    Thule Sidekick Roof Cargo Box

    Thule sidekick for toyota rav4

    Thule Sidekick cargo boxes got an optimized aerodynamic design, it is small and lightweight and it doesn’t reduce the vehicle speed and it doesn’t make any noise when you increase the speed of your car or increase it gas usage.

    This last point is crucial to anyone who likes to have a roof box that doesn’t increase fuel consumption.
    A central locking system is also available for increased safety and security and it has a dual opening system just like the motion XT.
    It can carry up to 75 lbs and its internal dimensions are internal dimensions of 48 x 23” x 13.5.
    Available in modern grey color and it is available in 11, 14, 16 cubic feet sizes.
    This new design increases the durability of this roof box by a huge margin, and the materials used in it makes it more resistant to the elements.
    And the best thing about this roof box is the cost, in fact, Thule sidekick in one of the cheapest roof cargo boxes on the market with the previously mentioned features.
    If you like to go snowboarding or skiing then Thule Sidekick roof cargo box might be the right choice for you, it can carry multiple skis and snowboard inside it but the carrying capacity is less than the motion XT.
    Attaching this roof cargo roof box to the roof racks of your car is easy and doesn’t need a lot of time, all you need to do is attach the included U-bolts to the rack and you are good to go. Don’t worry, this roof box is compatible with most of the roof rack systems on the market.

    Thule Pulse Cargo Box

    Thule Pulse - best thule cargo box

    With all the features included in the Thule Pulse cargo box, it is really the best roof box under 500 dollars, these features are:
    A Durable design that allows this roof box to last for years.
    Aerodynamic structure that is quiet at high speeds, if you also value travel time or speed performance this aerodynamic design adds a very small amount of air resistance.
    The fuel consumption doesn’t increase a lot while using this roof box.
    This design also protects the content of the box and keeps it safe and secure.
    A passenger side opening that makes loading and unloading the box a lot safer away from the road traffic.
    Storage space optimized for maximum carrying capacity.
    Thule security lock system is included here too, it will lock the hold the lids to the base of the box, so don’t worry about the box falling off the car while you are driving or someone opening your cargo box without your authorization.
    Opening this had using one hand is possible thanks to the quick-mount system.
    Available sizes: 11, 14, 16cf.
    Thule pulse dimensions: 88.5 x 25.5 x 12.5.
    Easy to assemble and to install.
    A new ABS material used in the manufacturing of this cargo box increases its strength and durability.
    Attractive look that looks so premium and expensive.
    The ease of usage is particularly useful for people new to the roof boxes world, no complicated usage manual is needed, you can learn everything about this roof box in a few minutes.

    Thule Force XT Roof Cargo Box

    Thule Force XT Cargo Box

    We believe that this roof cargo box is the right choice for a wide range vehicles like: Toyota tacoma, Skoda yeti, subaru outback, subaru forester and many more vehicles.
    It uses a diamond-textured skin finish, this sleek design looks cool on most vehicles out there.
    Thule Force XT is considered the best roof cargo box by many experts due to its carrying capacity and improved aerodynamic design, its noise reduction technology and its minimal impact on fuel consumption and lightweight.
    Thule Force XT can carry 18 cubic feet ( XL size). This carrying capacity can fit a lot of luggage, like skis and snowboards (but they need to be less than 195 cm in length) or just bags with different sizes.
    You don’t need any tools to mount the thule Force XT cargo box, its innovative mounting system allows you to mount it properly, a ‘click’ sound (made by an integrated torque that snaps with that sound) will notify you when the roof box is properly mounted and secured.
    The overall installation process takes less than 5 minutes to be done,but it is more difficult in comparison to the other thule roof boxes.
    The lock knob design is made to minimize any damage to the locking key, and it also helps with opening and closing the box.
    To increase the comfort level and the security of the passengers, Thule force can be opened from both sides. This “dual-side opening” is an extremely important feature in any roof cargo box and for good reasons.
    You can quickly and easily pack or unpack your roof cargo box, without any need to go to the other side of the vehicle (that is probably more dangerous).
    Thule Force XT gives more clearance to the trunk of the vehicle due to its position and the design of its back side.


    What to do before choosing a good roof top cargo box?

    Before choosing a good roof box, you need to check its durability, locking system, mounting process difficulty.


    Do roof boxes increase fuel consumption?

    It depends on the design of the roof box, most boxes listed here are design to minimize the fuel consumption.

    How does a roof box affect fuel consumption?

    Fuel consumption will increase if the roof box is not aerodynamic.


    This was our list of the best thule roof cargo boxes, we will constantly upgrade it when review a new product, please consider sharing this list with more people to help them.