best roof box for skoda yeti

Skoda Yeti is a great vehicle, must its limited cargo capacity is an issue that more owners know, our expert tested many options to solve this problem.

We tested 25 options to answer the question of what is the best roof box for skoda yeti? and these are the best 3 options.

Budget choice
best roof bag for skoda yeti
Carado roof bag​
Best choice
INNO Shadow Cargo Box for skoda yeti
INNO Shadow
Premium choice
Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box for skoda yeti
Thule Force XT

INNO Shadow Cargo Box

INNO Shadow Cargo Box for skoda yeti

We believe that INNO Shadow is the best roof cargo box for Skoda Yeti, and here is why.

A modern sleek design: the good design of this roof cargo box plays many important roles that will have an effect on your vehicle.

It improves the look of your Skoda Yeti:  the low profile design of the inno shadow is great for many types of vehicles including Skoda Yeti, its minimal and modern design is timeless, and even in the case where you change your car, there is a good chance that this cargo box will also fit you new car or SUV.

Keep your fuel consumption in control: the aerodynamic structure put a very little air resistance, you will not like to have a sail on the top of your car, a good aerodynamic design means less air resistance, less air resistance means a lower fuel consumption.

Too quiet to be true: in addition to the fuel economy, inno design and mounting system doesn’t emit too much swooshing noises when you are driving at high speed.

Lightweight and easy to mount:  the weight of the inno roof box allows it to be easily installed and removed from the car, and you don’t need to worry about any damage to your roof rack .

it is also useful to move, it is a great combination of usefulness and look.

Items inside this roof box will be kept dry and secure from theft. It can also fit skis and fishing poles, which makes it a great multipurpose all-seasons cargo box.

Can be opened from both sides: there are two types of roof boxes in the market in term of openings, single and dual sided boxes, inno shadow is a dual-sided box, this might look like a small and unimportant factor, but it is, you will be very annoyed when you are forced to go to one side of the vehicule each time you need to pack or unpack it. This is also a safety factor especially if you have kids, you don’t want them to go to the side closer to the road traffic when they love to help you.

Great choice for skoda yeti: we tested this box on a large number of vehicles, minivans and SUVs, we also tested it on a Skoda yeti, and it was a perfect fit for it, especially with the included mounting system that makes the installation process an enjoyable and less annoying experience.

INNO shadow technical details:

  • This interior dimensions are 72 x 25.6 x 11 inches
  • INNO shadow weight is 42lbs.
  • Its carrying capacity is 13 cubic feet.
  • Can have a load with a weight of 110lbs.
  • Dual sides opening.

Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box

Thule Force XT Rooftop Cargo Box for skoda yeti

The second roof cargo box on this list is the famous Thule Force XT.

Many experts consider this box to be a perfect fit for any Skoda Yeti because of how it is built and its innovative design.

During our review of this box on a Skoda yeti, Thule Force XT scored the perfect performance points on many tests.

The installation process was quick and easy, without any complicated steps, the power click mounting system will fix the roof box to the roof of your skoda firmly, don’t worry again by the fear of your cargo box falling off the car while you are driving.

A clicking sound will indicate that the box is correctly secured, this clicking sound is made by the  “PowerClick quick-mount system”.

You can store a cargo of 22 cubic feet inside this huge roof cargo box, this large capacity gives you the freedom to travel with a variety of gear and luggage with different shapes and sizes. 

It is also a great choice for large families and / or for camping with a lot of gear, everyone with a skoda yeti will know the limited cargo capacity of this car.

You will find the Thule Force XT included in many reviews in,Its high quality and price can’t be ignored anymore.

When going for a trip you must be sure that your luggage is secured while you are away from your car, you can’t take the chance that no one will touch your car, Thule added they proprietary “SlideLock system” to this cargo box, this system have a locking mechanism that will lock your box firmly.

Opening and closing this roof box is easy, you can use it handles to open it. We tried it with leather gloves and it wasn’t too slippery, this is useful and practical if you live in a rainy area (like London in our case).

You can find plenty of videos online about how to install and setup the Thule Force XT, these videos make it even easier to work with this box.

Carado Vehicle Roof Bag

best roof bag for skoda yeti

Many people ask the question: what is the best roof box that doesn’t need a roof rack? The best choice in this case is a roof bag, attaching the belts to the roof rails of your car is all you need to do.

And if you need an answer taylored for a Skoda Yeti then go for the Carado roof bag, it is less “premium” than the other option in this list and less aerodynamic, but it is cheap and also comes with many features.

It is made from nylon materials so take extra care when you are handling it.

This bag can keep your stuff away from water, but not in extreme weather conditions.

Another negative point about this bag is the noise generated and the additional fuel consumption, this generally true for all roof bags, you either pay for a roof rack or accept the increase in your fuel bill.

This was our list of the best roof cargo boxes of Skoda Yeti, we will update this list as soon as new roof boxes are available, please share this article and bookmark this page, you can also check more articles of following the links below.

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