Best aerodynamic roof boxes

Aerodynamic roof boxes are a great way to transport your luggage while keeping it safe and protected, they offer an additional cargo space to your vehicle without any noise or additional fuel consumption.
But there are many aerodynamic roof boxes with different prices and features, and cargo capacity, what to choose then? And is an aerodynamic roof box even worth it?

What is the best aerodynamic roof box?

Thule Hyper XL is the best aerodynamic roof box right now, its design and general structure minimize air resistance and doesn’t decrease the performance of the vehicle it is used on.

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier

Thule Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier best roof box
The Thule Motion XT is the best aerodynamic roof box on this list, it offers a huge number of features while keeping its price reasonable especially with the fuel economy that every aerodynamic roof box offers. It is available in 3 main sizes, a 16, 18 and finally 22 cu ft capacity, and all of these sizes have the same aerodynamically optimized structure. Thule Motion XT can be opened from both the driver and the passenger sides, this makes it easy to access if compared to roof boxes with passenger or rear side opening. In the ergonomics side, the Motion XT is compared to the Vector, Thule latest, and most expensive roof box right now, its handles are easy to grin, and its lid-lifter (the lid is the upper part of a roof box) will provide a huge help when opening and closing the box. If you are going for skiing or a camping trip on a snowy mountain, you will be glad to know that the Thule Motion XT can fit many pairs of skis (up to 7 pairs) or 5 pairs of snowboards. And for additional anti-theft protection, this roof box has a one-key system that allows you to securely close it, in fact, you can’t even remove the key from the system until the box is completely closed to increase the safety of the cargo and the passengers while driving.

Thule Hyper XL Rooftop Cargo Box

Thule Hyper aerodynamic roof box
The front side of a roof cargo box, as well as the height of its silhouette, plays an important role in how aerodynamic it is, and as a car mechanic, one look to the Thule Hyper XL is all I need to know that it is extremely aerodynamic. The front side of the Hyper XL is heavy and its shape can reduce both air drag and noise emission. And just like the Thule Motion XT, Hyper XT can hold many pairs of skis and snowboards inside its huge cargo capacity. It can fit a wide range of vehicles including small sedans and SUVs, without compromising their performance on the road, these high compatibility levels are the result of the universal mounting system that exists on many Thule creations. Colors are the only thing that I didn’t like, a complete black glossy design is suitable to a wider range of cars, but if the color scheme of the Thule Hyper XL looks good on your specific vehicle model, then you will have no problem with this aerodynamic roof box. Noise reduction was clearly the main focus during the engineering process of this aerodynamic cargo box, it is one of the quietest boxes that I’ve ever tested, and even at high speeds, it is completely silent.

INNO Wedge Rooftop Cargo Box

INNO Wedge aerodynamic roof box
Not all aerodynamic roof cargo boxes are made by Thule, INNO is another brand that produces some streamlined designs with extreme performance at high speeds. INNO Wedge is one of the two most famous products of this manufacturer, they have everything that you might need inside of a roof box. It comes with a dual side opening system, great for both an improved usability and, more importantly, higher safety levels. For usability, being able to open a roof box from the passenger side as well as the driver side allows you to pack and unpack any luggage and items that you have in a short time, far less time in comparison to boxes with one side opening, this is also useful if you have someone with you with no previous experience handling your roof box, he or she will have a high chance of missing the right opening side, especially if you take in count that some cargo boxes can be opened from the rear, which can make things even more confusing for them. A similar locking system to the one-key that exists on Thule boxes that locks the key in place and prevents you from removing it, this is done to solve the famous issue of forgetting the keys inside the roof box before closing it.

INNO Phantom Series 466 Rooftop Cargo Box

The second INNO pick in this list of the best aerodynamic roof boxes in the INNO Phantom, it is the biggest and largest roof box produced by INNO, an 18 cubic feet capacity that can hold many items in different shapes and sizes. INNO Phantom looks great on any vehicle that you can think of, and it is available in two colors, a glossy black and a glossy white. I personally prefer glossy black, because it looks good on more vehicles’ color schemes. It can fit on many crossbars and side rails, factory or aftermarket, you can have this roof box and use it for many vehicles, and you don’t even have to care about the side of the internal space of the vehicle that you are planning to have next. The usability and the durability of the INNO Phantom are improved because of the use of the extra handle and the chrome emblem. The large size of this cargo box will not get in the way of the hatch, the clearance levels where acceptable on many SUVs like the Wrangler and the Jeep Grand Cherokee. It has dual-side openings and can transport many camping and necessary traveling items.

SportRack SR7095 Skyline XL Cargo Box

The cheapest roof cargo box on this list is the SportRack SR7095 Skyline XL, it is the best cheap roof box at that size, it is the perfect combination of good quality and performance in a low-cost package. One thing I have to admit, I was really surprised with the incredible durability and the strength of this roof box the first time I got it, cheaper options are often less durable, especially in the vehicle parts industry. The main structure of the SportRack SR7095 is manufactured using a high quality and density plastic that is designed to absorb shock while staying stable while being on the road, this structure is also resistant to different weather elements such as rain and snow and will protect you luggage and keep it dry and safe on long family trips. The number of roof racks that can accept this roof box is smaller than the other options here, but the mounting process itself is extremely easy and straightforward thanks to the U-bolts that can be used to attack the roof box to the cross rails without any complications. We should note that in most cases, this roof box need assembly before using it, the included guide and the videos online give a good explanation on how to assemble this roof box, but still, the need to assemble the roof box for the first time must be disclosed, even if it is not difficult.

Why do I need an aerodynamic roof cargo box?

Aerodynamic roof boxes offer many benefits to their owners, less fuel consumption, less noise, and less speed reduction. The air drag plays a very important role in the design of any roof cargo box if this last one is optimized to let the air go around it without any resistance, the engine of the vehicle won’t need to put itself harder to push it against the air hitting its front side. The fuel consumption is also the best thing about hard shell rooftop boxes, and for the same reason that was noted before, the less work an engine do the less fuel it will consume, and even if these cargo boxes are more expensive than soft shell cargo bags, the difference in the initial cost will be accounted for in the fuel bill on the long run. Most softshell cargo roof bags are held in place using straps, the straps are good quality if you get the bag from an established brand, but they will generate a lot of noise unless you are driving very slowly, the noise of cargo bags is very noticeable and sometimes annoying when you are traveling with your family, this problem doesn’t exist in the roof boxes listed above.


Choosing the best aerodynamic roof box from this list is the best way to get an incredible traveling experience, the final decision is yours of course, but the roof boxes above a generally recommended when someone needs a roof box that can transport many items without needing a special roof rack or performing manual roof rack modifications. If you don’t like any of the roof boxes included above, you can check the following links to discover all the roof boxes that are available on the market right now.